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Our Mission

The skin is our body’s largest organ. When the skin is compromised, delays to healing can be life-threatening.

Inadequate healing that results in scarring, particularly for large-area burns, substantially impacts long term quality of life and cost of healthcare.

Our mission is to innovate by using new technology to lead people into better health. Inventia Skin aims to revolutionise the way we approach wound repair by enabling the rapid and precise delivery of regenerative cellular therapy products directly onto the wound site.

The Ligō device prints cellular products in a precise and patient-specific manner, facilitating improved regenerative outcomes. This technology will transform skin regeneration and our current approach to wound management.


The Ligō Device

The Ligō device comprises a printhead mounted on a robotic arm, printing control systems and a printable biomaterial matrix. The Ligō prints tiny droplets containing the patient’s skin cells and biomaterial to create a new layer of skin where it has been damaged.

The Ligō platform helps treat acute skin wounds by rapidly and accurately delivering skin cells to the wound site to initiate regeneration and accelerate tissue repair. Through this process there is a reduced risk of infection and a reduced period of time needed in critical care.

[Ligō]: noun

From the Latin word ‘to bind’

Made by Inventia

The Ligō device uses proprietary 3D digital bioprinting developed by parent company Inventia Life Science.

A global leader in digital bioprinting technology since 2013, Inventia Life Science is the company behind RASTRUM™, the world’s first high-throughput 3D bioprinting platform for cell biology.

Through innovative technology and strong collaboration, Inventia Skin will drive a paradigm shift in personalised clinical therapies for skin trauma.

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Partnering with Australia’s greatest minds

Ligō brings together world leaders in the fields of 3D bioprinting, biomaterials and skin regenerative medicine.

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